Muslim Children's Network


The challenges facing the society today are enormous, ranging from poor leadership, intolerance and moral decadence. These will only get worse if we fail to rise to these challenges.


10 years from now, our 8-15 year old will be 18-25 years of age! Will they be well equipped to chart the right course for the society, or follow the bandwagon of masses flowing along without direction?

Muslim Children Network aims to train, polish and empower 120 Muslim children each year on Islamic Leadership, Public Speaking and Media Management skills. The 5-months training would run twice in a year and it will be shown on TV. It will include lectures (History, goal setting, moral ethics, team working etc), Field trips (visitation to offices of Imams, political leaders and Business leaders) and real life community development projects.

The first edition was successfully concluded on the 20th February 2014.Commences this weekend 10th May 2014

MCN Content Focus

Leadership Mindset

Self-Discovery, Creative thinking, Problem Solving Skill, Empathy, Project Planning and Execution.

Media Management Skills

Public Speaking, Researching, Writing Skills, Da'awah Skills, Graphics design, 3D Animation.

MCN commences with initial training sessions for the first 6 months, involving lectures from experts, practical work sessions and studying of educational videos. The practical sessions hold at the I-Media TV studio where they compete in research and presentations, TV interviews and mock projects. All sessions are recorded and to be aired as a Muslim Reality TV Show.

The Following 6 weeks incorporates the visitations and field trips wherein they visit Imams, Business CEOs and Political leaders to get acquainted with current leadership methods

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