MCN School Club

The New MCN School Training


The Muslim Children’s Network is a Muslim youth development project of I-Media. Created in 2012, MCN began its school training programme last year. By January 2015, the programme has been approved in four schools- Nurul Bayan Intl Academy, Great Heights Academy, I-Scholar Academy and Esteem International Academy.


What is it about?

Taking lessons from the previous editions of MCN trainings, the new MCN focuses on communication and leadership skills. Two classes of soft skills we strongly believe Muslims are lagging behind and need to work on.


·         The programme is 75% practicals, 25% lecture, to ensure that participants are immersed in activities that bring out the best in them

·         Towards exciting the participants and sharpening their skills, the training is divided into two- the course work and the projects

·         There are three courses- (a) reporting (b) communication (c) leadership. Individual participants will opt for one of the courses at a time. At the end of the 2 year training, participants would have passed through all the three courses.

·         Various projects have been designed to engage the participants and test their skills. For example, participants at the Great Heights Academy are now being involved in a mock parliament we named Student Majlis.


·         Inter school activities will be held between participating schools to encourage  networking, competitiveness and sportmanship spirit

·         Da’awah trips will be conducted to spur participants’ interest in Da’awah and help their self confidence and public speaking skills

·         The training has a television show which serves as platform for us to showcase the talents and development of the participants as we feature the participants in different capacities as talk show hosts, debaters and sporting competitions


Objectives of the programme

·         Discover and groom talents while encouraging creativity and various leadership qualities

·         Focus on the development of various communications skills

·         To create a platform for Muslim children to network with one another and also serve as inspiration for other Muslim children that are unable to particpate  in the training

·         To foster and cultivate the interest of media work in Muslim children



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